December 31, 2014

Autumn Term Attendance


Unfortunately we were unable to get our Attendance Certificates out before the end of term but the children will be receiving them the first week back.

Here are the children (alphabetically by surname) who have achieved 100% attendance this term.

Tom A (Y3), Anya B, Morgan B, Harri B-H, Amy Bl, Katie B, Amy Bo, Emily D, Jake F, Ethan F, Finley F, Ella G, William G, Emma H, Callum H, Beau J, Amelia K, Sophia K, Jessica Mac, Anthony Mc, Ella Mc, George Mc, Eliot Mc, Connor M, Aaron M, Lewis M, Ben N, Miles R, Sophie R, Ben R, Lauren R, Lewis R, Honey R-W, Willow R-W, Jamie S, Niall S, Charlotte S, Emily T, Sarah T, Esme T, Joss W, Jessica W, Rebecca W, Matthew W, Samantha W.


National Average for attendance in now 96% so we have adjusted our boundaries accordingly. We know this is a very high expectation but over a school year (190 days) it equates to 7 days absence.

This term our results were:

Green (96%+) – 95 children (45 100%)

Amber (<96%- 90%)  – 19 children

Red (<90%) – 15 children

Children whose attendance is currently amber will be monitored closely over the next half term and parents of those who are red will be invited into school for a meeting to try and find ways to improve attendance.


This table shows our whole school attendance by week for the first term. We are yet to get green (96%+). autumn 1 whole school weekly

 Below is Autumn Term Data by Group

group attendance autumn


We will continue to work on raising the attendance of all groups of children within our school to help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

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