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Learning together in a caring Christian community

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Learning together in a caring Christian community



In the Autumn Term the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about electricity. Especially finding out how electricity is generated and how we use it everyday. Below you will see pictures of the children using circuits to investigate how circuits work and which materials make good insulators and conductors. 

Science Electricity Workshop

Visit to the Life Centre (Electricity and Ice Skating)

Living Things

In Autumn 2, the children are learning all about living things which includes looking at habitats, adaptations in animals and categorising animals.

Below you will see the children playing a card game where they had to correctly choose the right characteristics for their chosen animal group.

Trip to the farm (Observing Habitats)

Features of Plants

Above you will see the children learning about different types of Plants. The children took part in a memory game where they had to try and match up the characteristics of different plants correctly. 

Teeth and the Digestive System

In the Spring Term the children will be learning all about Teeth and the Digestive system. Below you will see pictures of the children learning about the different types of teeth. 

Digestive System Experiment 

Below you will see pictures of the children taking part in an experiment where they were observing how the digestive system works and observing how food changes during this process. 

States of Matter

The children have recently started their States of Matter topic in Science. The children started to learn the different states of matter, solids, liquids and gases and the differences between their particles. The children then split up into groups where they had to place different materials and items under the correct  State of Matter heading.