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Learning together in a caring Christian community

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Learning together in a caring Christian community


Lambing and Lifecycles

Beech Class visited Croft Farm to learning about the growth of animals. Children got to check the ewes for signs of lambing and saw two lambs that were hours old. Children learnt about the umbilical cord and the special milk,  produced by mammals, given to a baby by its mother (colostrum). 
We visited the pond to look for frogspawn but unfortunately we didn’t see any. Back at school, children looked at pictures of frogspawn and toadspawn. 
The children came up with many philosophical and  scientific questions:

Which part of the cow does the meat come from?

What are the tags for? 
Did God make animals for us to eat?

When do they have a baby?

How long to you keep the lambs? 


Children learnt that food gives them nutrients and that their body needs a balance of nutrients to stay healthy. They learnt about the foods they need lots of and foods they need a little of. We discussed that fruit can come in different forms: frozen, tinned, dried and fresh.

Following on from this, children visited ‘The Croft’ for a Gather, Cook and Eat session. Children gathered the ingredients (learning where they come from), prepared them, cooked them and finally ate their well balanced meal - shepherds’ pie and apple crumble. 


Children used their knowledge of materials to make boats. 


We have planted daffodil, snowdrop, tulip and crocus bulbs.