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C of E School

Learning together in a caring Christian community

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Learning together in a caring Christian community

School Values

As a Church of England school, our values are based on Christian Values displayed and taught by Jesus. We explore 18 Christian Values over a 3 year cycle. These link with our British Values as well as values covered in Well-being and Relationship lessons. Our values underpin our behaviour policy and feed into our curriculum.


Our Christian Values are taught through Collective Worship lead by Mr Johnston our head teacher, Reverend Andrew Towner from St. John's Church in Houghton and by class teachers. We appoint 2 Worship Leaders from each class who help plan, lead and evaluate our collective worship and who help set up and look after their class reflection area.


We have adapted our weekly time-table for Collective Worship to suit our current situation with not being able to have whole school worship in the hall.



Head's Worship (whole school) via zoom. One group in the hall (on a rota) with all other classes connecting from their classrooms.


Church Worship with Reverend Andrew Towner via zoom. One group in the hall (on a rota) with all other classes connecting from their classrooms.


Class Worship led by teachers. We listen to a story linked to our current value. These are mostly stories from other religions.


Class Worship led by teachers or class worship leaders. Reflections and responses linked to the value.


Celebration Worship led by Mr Johnston via zoom. One child per class receives a Head Teacher's award for something linked to their learning or the current value. Other achievements from within or outside of school (children and staff) are celebrated, such as sporting achievements, fundraising for charity and birthdays. On some Fridays we have 'Famous Friday' where a member of staff shares about an inspirational person who has demonstrated our current value in their lives. We have also signed up to 'Picture News' so we will soon be using some great resources to share some current affairs with our children in worship.


Click on the link below to access worship resources for home-learning. We have Head's Worship, Church Worship, animations, videos from NISCU, lots of fun songs and reflective activities for you to do.