School Council visit Robert Ferguson School

February 2, 2015




Today our school councillors from years 5 & 6 went to visit Robert Ferguson School. We attended their school council meeting. We found it very interesting seeing how they run their meetings. It was fun to exchange ideas especially about their new garden project. It was lovely to see our friend James who is their administrator. We had a chance to chat to him again. We are looking forward to keeping in touch and planning a time for them to visit us. We even had juice and biscuits. A big thank you to Robert Ferguson School for inviting us.

Today’s visit was a great chance to learn how other schools lead there council meetings. Their ideas for the future and they had a great idea using a post box for the children of the school to post any ideas or worries. We enjoyed listening to the agenda, they told us about their garden sign for their new garden. They are thinking about having a competition and asking all the children in their school to design a sign and the school council would pick a winner.

 Lucy (Chair of School Council)

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