Vision and Aims

Houghton Church of England School provides education in accordance with the principles and practices of the Church of England. Worship, religious education and spiritual development are at the heart of every aspect of the work of this school.

Our objective is to give the children in our care a curriculum with breadth, depth and relevance from which they can fulfil their full potential in academic, physical, aesthetic, spiritual, scientific, moral and personal development and become life long learners. To this end we have several main aims:

♦  To create a happy, stimulating environment with a supportive network in which children can build up a good relationship with and feel happy to confide in the teacher.

♦  Children will be able to read and write fluently and communicate clearly with both peers and adults.

♦  We teach children to be confident using all four calculations and to think and solve problems mathematically. We want them to appreciate the wider world of mathematics.

♦  Children should have some knowledge of simple scientific concepts and skills and to this end we aim try to develop an enquiring mind by the use of the environment, the wild area, the seasons, plants and animals and through experimenting and investigation.

♦  To value the expertise in our local community and aim to maintain our strong links with the local community in a variety of ways.



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