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Welcome to the Houghton Church of England School website. The governing body are a small group of volunteers who take an active role in the running of the school and are very proud of the many and wide ranging achievements of the children, teachers and support staff.  Together we are always striving to continually improve the school in all aspects to enable effective, high quality and sustainable education for our children.  We work closely with the Headteacher and the senior leaders in the school to support, guide and challenge.
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Roger Cowton
Chair of Governors


Who Are The Governors?

The school governing body consist of 14 volunteers. The current constitution is made up of:

  • 1 governor elected by the local authority
  • 4 parent governors, who are elected by the parents of pupils at the school
  • 1 staff governor elected by the staff at the school
  • The school headteacher
  • 3 Foundation Governors elected by Diocese Board of Education, after consultation with the PCC
  • 4 co-opted governors elected by the Governing Body and will usually be people from the local community who have specific skills, such as management, financial, legal or human resources.

All governors are elected to serve for four years before they have to apply for re-election. At present, we have vacancies for 1 parent Governor and 2 co-opted Governors.

List of Governors 2016-17

What do we do as Governors?

Governors are responsible for the strategic management and direction of the school. The Governors are not involved in the day to day management of the school, as that is the responsibility of the Headteacher.

The Governors meet as a full Governing Body at least once a term. The majority of Governor work is done by working committees:

  • Curriculum and Pastoral Committee

This committee monitors the school curriculum including analysing the pupil attainment in the school. This committee reviews policies and monitors Safeguarding and behaviour.

  • Finance and Resources Committee

This committee deals with all personnel matters relating to the school including formulating and agreeing HR policies. This Committee also appoints all the staff who work at the school. It deals with all the finance relating to the school including formulation and managing and monitoring the school budget. It is also responsible for managing Health and Safety in school and ensuring that all the children and staff are safe.

In addition to these working committees there are a number of statutory committees which the school is required to have. These include staff discipline, grievance, parental complaints, and pay policy.

Houghton C of E School’s Governing Body 2016-17

Chair and an LEA Governor

Mr Paul Turney

Vice Chair and LEA Governor

Mrs Sheila Don

Foundation Governors

Rev Andrew Towner, Mr Graham Smith, Mr Graham Simpson

Staff Governors

Mr Stephen Johnston and Lindsey Slater in her capacity as Headteacher

Co-opted Governors

Mr Richard Telford + 2 vacancies

Parent Governors

Mr Paul Turney, Mrs Gabby Stephenson-Bell and Mr David Mutter + 1 vacancy

The Clerk to the Governors

Miss Rachael Peckford


Governing Body Attendance 2015-16

Governing Body Attendance 2016-2017


The Governing Body is split into two working Sub-Committees:

Finance and Resources Sub Committee Curriculum and Pastoral Sub Committee
Paul Turney (Chair) Rev Andrew Towner (Chair)
Roger Cowton Sheila Don
Graham Smith Stephen Johnston
David Mutter Gabby Stephenson-Bell
Richard Telford  Graham Simpson
Lindsey Slater Lindsey Slater


Please feel free to contact Mr Roger Cowton, Chair of Governors, via the School Office, by e-mail or to speak to one of our current governors about the role.

To contact the Governors, please write to us at the School Office or by e-mail.





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