Our Curriculum

At Houghton C of E School we decided several years ago to adopt an exciting and stimulating cross-curricular approach to learning. Each Key Stage has a focus for a half-term or term which might be based on History, Geography, Science, Art and Design and Design Technology and then as many other subjects are  linked to this as possible. This approach helps the children to see links between subjects and also how subjects fit into their world.

There are times when subjects have to be taught discretely because we do not make tenuous links so RE, Music and Physical Education are sometimes not cross-curricular for example, but they are also taught as part of our cross curricular approach.

Maths is also taught separately but children are made aware that we often use mathematical knowledge in other areas of the curriculum.  We currently use the Revised Numeracy Framework to ensure coverage of all objectives in each year group.

Another part of the day which is not cross-curricular for many children is our ‘Basic Skills’ lesson where all children from Foundation Stage to Year 6 are taught either/or a combination of Phonics, Spellings, Grammar, Punctuation and Handwriting.  These sessions run for half an hour daily, with children working in groups of between 5-15 children.

The children are also taught Literacy as a discreet lesson, this also allows the teachers to plan into the lessons areas of topics being taught in other areas of the curriculum.  As a school we want our children to be inspired to write and read, this is why we ensure the children have a purpose to their writing and reading.  This is achieved by asking the children what they want to learn about, or the book which interests them.  This information is then used by the staff to plan creative and imaginative lessons where the children become engrossed in their Literacy learning.

We have created a Curriculum Map which shows the learning taking place in each year group. Every year group has a page which shows the content for each subject and the term when it will be covered in class.  These maps can be found of each classes’ page.

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