February 7, 2014

IMG_0467In Oak class we have been learning about diversity. So we decided to do a rap. So we dressed up in clothes that we felt the most special in. If you don’t know what diversity is, then have a listen to Oak class’s diversity song!

Mr. stewart and Mrs Philipson [ our teacher’s] only gave us an i pad and the music  and put us into groups. Each group had to come up with a verse for the song.  Then we all came back to the classroom  and would preform our  verse to the class. After preforming we would vote for our  favourite one. The one that got the most votes would go into the song.  The class did that a few times, which created the DIVERSITY song! On monday third of February 2014 we preformed the diversity song to the school! They thought it was great! On friday seventh of February 2014 we preformed it to our  parents!  They thought it was great too! Some of them danced, some of them listened. As a rewrard for doing so well, we got to keep our clothes on till first break.Then we had to get changed. We really enjoyed it, and sang it with lots of happiness in side us.

Diversity Rap


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