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Learning together in a caring Christian community

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Learning together in a caring Christian community

Chapter 3

Welcome to Chapter 3. In this chapter you will hear all about why dark is FUN. 



Dark is Fun

Still image for this video

Think of the steps you will need to follow to build a good campfire. This activity will probably need some adult guidance. 


R - 3 or more instructions

Y1 - 5 or more instructions

Y2 - all 8 steps from below :) 


Here are some clues:

* position - where should you build your campfire?

* do you need to clear the ground where your campfire will be? 

* how will mark where the fire is - circle of stones? 

* where will you get the wood? 

* what shape does the wood need to be piled in? 

* the exciting bit - lighting it. Who should light it? 

* how will it keep burning? More wood?

* what do you need to do when you are finished with the campfire?