Sharing Gifts and Talents

November 23, 2014

Crafts_Clipart1614 of our pupils from Houghton School met with 10 pupils from Blackford and Rockcliffe Schools to share their gifts and talents. They were put into groups to get to know each other and complete a problem solving activity.

Each group was given a cardboard hand.

They then had to design the body to go with the hand,using only newspaper, sellotape, staples, glue and scissors.

Here are the fantastic results!

 ‘We had  lots of fun.’

Oliver –Blackford

‘I enjoyed everything.’

Griffin Kirkman Evans

‘I really enjoyed meeting new friends like Katie and Thea from Blackford.’

Franciska Schwarz

‘I enjoyed it when we made the people out of newspaper.’

Jack – Blackford

‘I enjoyed meeting and making friends.’

Jack  Cowton

‘I liked the creativity’

Ben -Rockcliffe







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